Proceed with Caution

Know that not everyone who smiles and approaches you with outstretched hands is a friend. Not everyone who speaks kind words actually cares about you. Wolves do wear sheep’s clothing and sometimes they don’t even know that they are wolves. As Black people in America we have to be cautiously hesitant about our so-called white friends. Many hold believes that are diametrically opposed to our own and others though they say the right things and appear to do the right things will not cross a line that may destroy their own white privilege.

I am not saying that you should not have white friends and I am certainly not implying that you can trust all Black people. I am saying to proceed with caution because you live in a society that promotes self preservation, that is built on and supports racism and that thrives on white privilege. Many of your white friends are among those who voted for Trump, others belong to churches that support racist ideologies. They don’t speak openly about these things because they don’t want to offend, but their believes are real and when push comes to shove they are very likely to side with what they believe is in their own best interest, not yours.

74 million Americans voted for Trump, don’t be fooled in to thinking that they are all outspoken, capital rioting, ultra-conservative lunatics. Many are your neighbors, co-workers, fellow church members, doctors, teachers, grocery store cashiers, etc. You are surrounded by them. If you do have white friends it is likely that you have spent time with them, been to their homes, had them in yours.

Many of them vote Democratic. They abhor Trump, they appear to be open minded, they hashtag Black Lives Matter on social media. These same so-called allies think that George Floyd must have been doing something wrong. They call the police when they see Black men jogging, they think that intelligent Black people are an exception and not the rule.

Of course none of this applies to all white people. I’m not saying that it does. I’m saying, proceed with caution because you won’t know which ones it applies to until it’s to late.