Don’t Blame it on the Universe

I often hear both in real life and on television and in movies that the universe has a plan. The universe gives and it takes away. The universe allows or disallows. All of this is a particular kind of foolishness that both annoys and frightens me deeply. Credit is being given to a created, non- thinking thing that should be looked at as an object, not a being.

                The universe doesn’t think about you because the universe doesn’t think. The universe doesn’t want anything for you because the universe doesn’t want. The universe has nothing for you, owes nothing to you, feels nothing for you. The universe is the space in which we live. It is the area God created so that He could place His other creations into it.

                It is interesting to me that people will speak life and power into a thing such as the universe but deny God. They’ll say that there is no proof of God or that He is mere superstition all the while claiming that a thing has power over their life’s. I believe this is because it is easier to claim a universe that asks nothing of you than a God who holds you accountable. It is often said that we only believe or know of God because the story has been passed down from generation to generation. We believe what we’ve been told with no real evidence. Interestingly, the same can be said of the universe. You were told that it exists, but you can’t see it, you can’t hear it, you can’t feel it; yet you believe in it. You believe what you’ve been told.

                The difference is that we can see, hear, and feel God. We see God in objective beauty. We hear God in our consciousness, we feel Him in our hearts and our souls.  Call out to God in times of trouble and He will provide peace. Call out to the universe and there is only a shallow echo. The universe is God’s creation it is not His substitute.

                Yes, God expects something of you. He wants you to be better today than you were yesterday. He wants you to experience, peace and joy, love, and contentment. He even wants you to enjoy his creation, His universe. He also wants you to live righteously, treating others with kindness, expressing sincere love and generosity. Is this too much to ask?

                The universe is not your creator, benefactor, or judge. It doesn’t bless, it doesn’t punish, it doesn’t provide nor take away. It is just the place God has chosen to do these things. Don’t give it credit when things go well and don’t blame it when things go wrong. There is a plan for your life and like the universe that plan was designed by God. Seek Him and He will reveal it to you.