The Problem with Critical Race Theory

Its proponents will tell you that CRT is merely, a cross-disciplinary intellectual and social movement of civil-rights scholars and activists who seek to examine the intersection of race and law in the United States and to challenge mainstream American approaches to racial justice. On the surface this may seem innocuous and nothing to be concerned about; after all, according to this definition it is only about looking at things from a different perspective. This of course is what they want you to believe.

In truth CRT is designed to cast light on both America’s past and present legal and institutional leaning on racist ideologies to hinder the progress and undermine the success of so-called racial minorities. CRT is designed to show us show we really are as a country so that we might have honesty discussions about correcting our national sins and move forward in true brotherhood.

The problem with all this is that it challenges the false narrative perpetrated by White American leadership for centuries and it forces modern White Americans to admit that the playing field is not and has not ever been level. Those false narrative state that in America everyone has the same opportunity to achieve and succeed. In order to believe this is true we must ignore such institutional obstacles as: inequitable and unfair sentencing in our judicial system. Red lining in our banking system. crimes committed against people of color by law enforcement, disparities in healthcare availability, disparities in education, and many other sustained efforts to prevent the growth of Black Americans within this society.

You might ask why we would want to ignore these issues and what is wrong with discussing them. The answer is simple and the crux of our title. The problem with Critical Race Theory is white fragility. A large segment of white America is afraid of the truth. They are afraid of addressing the sins of their fathers and they are afraid of losing their position of privilege. CRT is demonized because many white Americans lack the courage and moral fortitude to look honestly at how this country was built and how people other than themselves have been treated.

Many in white America would rather re-write history than look at it with any semblance of intellectual honesty. They would rather white-wash history than admit wrongs were committed. Instead of acknowledging the long-term negative impacts of slavery they would rather call slaves immigrants. Instead of teaching their children the truth so that history won’t be repeated they would rather their children be blind to this country’s regrettable past. They are so determined to hide the truth that they are willing to punish teachers for teaching it.

The problem with Critical Race Theory is that to many white Americans don’t want to see any real change.

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