Welcome to the Babineaux Report, where we will explore all things of faith and politics particularly as they pertain to being Black in America. No topics are off limits and nothing is safe from critique and criticism. My goals are to discuss, enlighten, teach and learn what I can about both the Black experience in America, and our Christian faith.

Faith and politics are inextricable in our society; they feed upon one another. They cannot and should not be fully separated. Only the foolish and uninformed believe that one does not influence the other. Here you will find the latest news identifying their connection, articles and editorials, Bible lessons and stories that reflect this fact as well as the state of Black life in America. I will try to encouraging, but all things are not encouraging. I will try to inspire, to what, we will see. I will hold a mirror to the face of our nation, our church, our culture, society and ourselves.

I do not expect that all who find these pages will agree with me. I am okay with that. I wont be trying to convince any one of anything. I will state what I believe to be true in the plainest most sincere ways that I can.